Welcome to the CNMI Department of Labor website


  • The CNMI’s current minimum wage of $5.55 an hour will increase by another 50 cents to $6.05 an hour on Sept. 30, 2014.
  • It's the Law: Effective January 31, 2014, all JVAs must be posted on the CNMI DOL Website at www.marianaslabor.net.

Semi-Annual CNMI Works! Target 2019 Job Fair December 2014:

  • Tinian: December 19 (Friday) from 9am to 12 noon
    at the Tinian Public Library
  • Rota: December 22 (Monday) from 9am to 3pm
    at the Mayor's Office
  • Saipan: December 29 and 30 (Monday & Tuesday) from 9am to 3pm
    at the Multipurpose Center

This site is provided as a public service to make the operations of the Department and contacts with the public more efficient and less costly. The Department welcomes suggestions for further development of the site and the coordination or improvement of the Department’s services. For information on Federal Minimum Wage Guidelines, please visit the US Department of Labor website.

Regional Job Corps Centers Brochures:

For More Information contact WIA Division at 664-1704/05/07/08.

CNMI College and Career Ready Definition:

A CNMI student is college and career ready when he/she has achieved proficiency in academic standards, acquired essential skills for lifelong learning, and has the ability to transition into higher education and/or the workforce through an on-going process of wayfinding for meaningful engagement.

Technical Assistance:

If you have problems or need technical assistance please contact technical support for immediate assistance.