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Job Vacancy Announcement Detail

Employer: Pacific Engineering Group & Services (PEGS), LLC
Address: P.O. Box 502713, CK
Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
96950 United States
Phone: 670-233-7770
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Job Vacancy Announcement JVA
JVA Type: New
Island Saipan
FLSA Covered? Yes, covered
DOD related? No
PERM related? * Yes
VEVRAA related? No
Original Number of Openings: 3
Number of Openings Currently Available 3
Specific Worksite location: Lot # 004 D 110, Chalan Pale Arnold Street, 2nd Floor Tun Kiku Building, Garapan, Saipan, MP 96950
Job Classification: Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Announcement Number: 19-04-72017
Job Classification: Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Opening Date: 4/4/2019
Closing Date: 5/4/2019
Salary Range: $42661 to $42661 / Annually
Job Duties: Calculate Dimensions, square footage, profile and component specifications and material quantities using calculator or computer; Read and review project blueprints and structural specifications to determine dimensions of structure or system and material requirements; Draft detailed dimensional drawings and design layouts for projects to ensure conformance to specifications; Confer with supervisor to determine project details such as plan preparation, acceptance testing, and evaluation of field conditions; Analyze proposed site factors and design maps, graphs, tracings, and diagrams to illustrate findings; Prepare reports and document project activities and data; Report maintenance problems occurring at project site to supervisor and negotiate changes to resolve system conflicts; Inspect project site and evaluate contractor work to detect design malfunctions and ensure conformance to design specifications and applicable codes; Conduct materials test and analysis using tools and equipment and applying engineering knowledge; Develop plans and estimate costs for installation of systems utilization or facilities or construction of structures.
High School Diploma Required? Undetermined
Qualification Requirements: Must have at least an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering; With at least 24 months of relevant work experience in civil engineering works; and Must be familiar with all aspects of civil engineering works.
Full or Part Time: Full Time
Hours per Week: 40
Hours per Day: 8
Payment Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Overtime Available: Yes
Overtime Rate: $1.5
Rate x 1.5 per hour Exempted: No
Specify All Payroll Deductions: CNMI and Federal Taxes
Required tools, supplies and Equipment to be provided: All equipment and tools will be provided by employer.
Anticipated starting date of employment: 10/1/1900
Anticipated closing date of employment: 10/1/1900
Housing Provided: No
Food Provided: No
Transportation required: No
If transportation is required, daily transportation to and from the worksite(s) will be provided to the workers. Daily pick-up place(s) will be at: N/A
Fringe Benefits: 100% (Employee) Medical and Dental Insurance/Paid Time-Off/Paid 10 days annual holiday
Comments: If interested, submit or mail application, Resume and credentials to: GREGORIO Q. CASTRO President/CEO PACIFIC ENGINEERING GROUP & SERVICES (PEGS), LLC dba SSFM CNMI Office Address: Lot # 004 D 110, Chalan Pale Arnold Street, 2nd Floor Tun Kiku Building, Garapan, Saipan, MP 96950 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 502713, C.K., Saipan, MP 96950 Email Address: Telephone Numbers: (670) 233-7770 or (670) 233-7772 Fax Number: (670) 233-7771