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Job Vacancy Announcement Detail

Employer: Marianas Hardware
DBA: Marianas Hardware
Address: PO Box 7588 SVRB
Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
96950 United States
Phone: 670-285-1043
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Job Vacancy Announcement JVA
JVA Type: New
Island Saipan
FLSA Covered? No, not covered
DOD related? No
PERM related? * No
VEVRAA related? No
Original Number of Openings: 5
Number of Openings Currently Available 5
Specific Worksite location: San Antonio
Job Classification: Sales and Related Occupations
Job Title: Visual Merchandiser
Announcement Number: 19-10-80959
Job Classification: Sales and Related Occupations
Opening Date: 10/8/2019
Closing Date: 10/29/2019
Salary Range: $8.87 to $9 / Hourly
Job Title: Visual Merchandiser
Job Duties: Plan commercial displays to entice and appeal to customers. Arrange properties, furniture, merchandise, backdrops, or other accessories, as shown in prepared sketches. Change or rotate window displays, interior display areas, or signage to reflect changes in inventory or promotion. Place prices or descriptive signs on backdrops, fixtures, merchandise, or floor. Develop ideas or plans for merchandise displays or window decorations. Assemble or set up displays, furniture, or products in store space, using colors, lights, pictures, or their accessories to display the product. Install booths, exhibits, displays, carpets, or drapes, as guided by floor plan of building or specifications. Select themes, lighting, colors, or props to be used.Construct or assemble displays or display components from fabric, glass, paper, or plastic, using hand tools or woodworking power tools, according to specifications. Store, pack, and maintain inventory records of props, products, or display items. Use computers to produce signage.
High School Diploma Required? Yes
Qualification Requirements: With 2 years related experience. Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services. Must be able to work on extended hours. Computer literate
Full or Part Time: Full Time
Hours per Week: 40
Hours per Day: 8
Payment Frequency: Bi-weekly
Overtime Available: Yes
Overtime Rate: $13.305 - $13.5
Rate x 1.5 per hour Exempted: No
Specify All Payroll Deductions: All applicable taxes
Required tools, supplies and Equipment to be provided: None
Anticipated starting date of employment: 11/1/2019
Anticipated closing date of employment: 9/30/2020
Housing Provided: No
Food Provided: No
Transportation required: No
If transportation is required, daily transportation to and from the worksite(s) will be provided to the workers. Daily pick-up place(s) will be at: N/A
Fringe Benefits: None