2022 Photo Gallery


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 CNMI Department of Labor and U.S. Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration (ETA)  officials at the Region 6 - State Administrators Meeting in San Francisco, CA on November 15-16, 2022


      From Left to Right:  Nancy Taylor (Director, Special Initiatives and Demonstrations),

      Steve Malliaras (Manager, Division of Workforce Security),  Nick Lalpuis (RegionalAdministrator),

      Annie Leonetti (Deputy Regional Administrator), Frank Stluka (Director, Workforce Investment Agency),

      Vicky Benavente ( CNMI Secretary of Labor), Frances Torres ( Director, Workforce Investment Agency, CNMI DOL),

      Eugene Tebuteb (Director, Employment Services, CNMI DOL),

      Lorraine Jamison (Manager, Division of Financial Management and Administrative Services),

      Bob Kenyon (Director, Unemployment Insurance),  and Karren Connor (Manager, Division of Workforce Investment).








From Left to Right:  Steve Malliaras (Manager, Division of Workforce Security),     

     Consuelo Hines (Trade Act and DUA Programs Coordinator), Vicky Benavente (CNMI Secretary of Labor),     

     Eugene Tebuteb (Director, Employment Services, CNMI DOL),     

and Bob Kenyon (Director, Unemployment Insurance).     









     From Left to Right:  Thou Ny (Management and Program Analyst),

     Frances Torres (Director, Workforce Investment Agency, CNMI DOL),

     Violet Jackson (Federal Project Officer), and Vicky Benavente (CNMI Secretary of Labor).









   Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Region 9 officials with CNMI DOL officials

     From Left to Right:  Loren Delicana (Assistant Regional Administrator, Cooperative and State Programs),

     Vicky Benavente (CNMI Secretary of Labor), Eugene Tebuteb (Director, Employment Services, CNMI DOL),

     and Elaine Huang (Accountant).








 The State Workforce Development Board (SWDB) welcomed their newest Board Member, Joann Pangelinan,    

at their General Membership Meeting held in Tinian on October 25, 2022.    

Ms. Pangelinan currently works for the CNMI Superior Court and is a former Police Officer.     

She is also the proud owner of two small businesses on Tinian, Kana's Rental and Pro Maintenance.    

From Left to Right:  Nicole Babauta (SWDB Vice Chair), Joann Pangelinan (Member, Tinian), Velma Palacios (SWDB Chair),     

Frances Torres, WIA Director (Member), and Vicky Benavente, Secretary of Labor (Member).    



 SWDB General Membership Meeting in Progress

Seated from Left to Right:  CJ Espinosa, Nicole Babauta, Velma Palacios, Joann Pangelinan, and Frances Torres

Standing in the Background:  Frances Tudela



 CNMI DOL participated in the "Empowering Women for Success" event hosted by

the CNMI Women's Affairs Office held at the Multi-purpose Center in Susupe on October 14, 2022 












    From left to right:  Lae Muna, Labor Certification Technician I,    

    Agueda Camacho, PUA Supervisor,    

    and Alice Agulto, Job Placement Officer    



 The Saipan Chamber of Commerce held a Special Luncheon Presentation on September 23rd, 2022

at the Aqua Resort Hotel Saipan featuring Mr. Jimmy D. Smith, Small Business Director under the Department of the Navy. 


From Left to Right:  James Ulloa, Labor Certification Supervisor, CNMI DOL,     

Vicky Benavente, CNMI Secretary of Labor,     

Jimmy D. Smith, Small Business Director, Department of the Navy,     

and Eugene Tebuteb, Director of Employment Services, CNMI DOL.     





NMC students interviewed DOL's Chief Administrative Hearing Officer, Jacqueline A. Nicolas, for their capstone research project.

From Left to Right:  Patcha Meekham Trakulchang, Jacqueline A. Nicolas, DOL Chief Administrative Hearing Officer, and Ni Yin.













     WIOA staff attending the USDOL Convening on Administration, Fiscal, and Performance in Hawaii

     From left to right: Joseph Villacrusis, Cozryanamae Camacho, Colleen Diaz, Kellen Grode, Ainee Ibarra, Frances Torres,

     Annie Leonetti, Marian Esver, Tarah Holt, Ashley Olarte, Bertha Torres, Frances Tudela, and Anthony Crouch


Instructor William Shippey, CSE and President/CEO of Omega Safety Compliance conducting MSHA workshop on Tinian, September 13, 2022



NMC and CNMI DOL Apprenticeship Programs presented at the Saipan Chamber of Commerce General Membership Meeting

on September 7, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel


From Left to Right:  Kevin Bautista, NMC Executive Director for the Office of the President, Maria Valentina Haberman,

NMC-CDI Director, Frances Torres, DOL Workforce Investment Agency (WIA) Director,

Joseph Villacrusis, DOL Apprenticeship State Expansion (ASE) Manager, Senator Edith Deleon Guerrero, Galvin Deleon Guerrero, EdD, NMC President,

Jodina Attao, Northern Marianas Technical Institute Chief Executive Officer, Lanie Cruz, DOL ASE Program Coordinator,

Ashley Olarte, NMC State Apprenticeship Expansion Program Manager, Geraldine Sasamoto, NMC-CDI Program Manager,

Pamela Ada, NMC-CDI Administrative Assistant, and Les Ogumoro-Uludong, NMC Area Health Education Center Program Manager. 



Courtesy visit to CNMI OSHA by Justine Callahan, Safety and Occupational Health Manager,

Cooperative and State Programs on August 30, 2022.

From Left to right:  Tim Asaivao (Project Manager, CNMI OSHA),

Justine Callahan (Safety and Occupational Health Manager, OSHA), and Vicky Benavente (CNMI Secretary of Labor).





     OSHA Region IX Safety and Occupational Health Manager, Eric Christensen, visits CNMI OSHA at the Department of Labor 

     Left to Right: Vicky Benavente, Secretary of Labor, Eric Christensen, Occupational Health Manager, and Tim Asaivao, CNMI OSHA Project Manager.




Department of Labor's Division Employees of the Year

From left to right: RochelleTomokane (PUA Coordinator, Administrative Hearing Office), Vertilia Camacho (PUA Coordinator, PUA Headquarters),

Patricia Camacho (Administrative Officer II, Office of the Secretary), Brenda Lynn Sablan (PUA Coordinator, PUA - BPC Unit),

Colleen Diaz (Federal Program Coordinator IV, Workforce Investment Agency), and Lae Muña (Labor Certification Technician I, Division of Employment Services).



Governor Ralph DLG. Torres visited the CNMI Department of Labor to personally thank them for all their

hard work throughout the past two years of this pandemic.