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Job Vacancy Announcement Detail

Employer: Atom's Co., Ltd
DBA: Atom's Co., Ltd
Address: PMB 700 BOX 10000
Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
96950 Northern Mariana Islands
Phone: 670-233-8880
Other Number: 670-285-7788
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Job Vacancy Announcement JVA
JVA Type: Renewal
Island Saipan
FLSA Covered? Yes, covered
DOD related? No
PERM related? * No
VEVRAA related? No
Original Number of Openings: 1
Number of Openings Currently Available 1
Specific Worksite location: GARAPAN SAIPAN
Job Classification: Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations
Job Title: Janitors and Cleaners, Except Maids & Housekeeping Cleaner
Announcement Number: 23-05-102206
Job Classification: Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations
Opening Date: 5/26/2023
Closing Date: 6/16/2023
Salary Range: $7.99 to $7.99 / Hourly
Job Title: Janitors and Cleaners, Except Maids & Housekeeping Cleaner
Job Duties: 1. Clean rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, and draperies, using vacuum cleaners and shampooers. 2. Dust and polish furniture and equipment. 3. Wash windows, walls, ceilings, terraces, balconies, interior and exterior using water blasters or water hoses. 4. Clean restrooms, unclog toilet bowls and shower drains using pump, snake wires or cleaning solutions. 5. Sweep, scrub, wax or polish floors, using brooms, mops or powered scrubbing and waxing machines. 6. Move and arrange furniture and turn mattresses. 7. Empty trash cans, ashtrays and transport trash and waste to disposal areas. 8. Disinfect equipment and supplies, using germicides and cleaning solutions. 9. Hang draperies and dust window blinds. 10. Wash dishes and clean kitchens. 11. Wash clothing and other articles using washing machines. 12. Fold and iron dried clothing or linens. 13. Mend torn clothing or linen using needle or thread or sewing machines. 14. Sort, count and mark clean linens and store them in linen closets. 15. Remove debris from driveways, common areas, and swimming pools areas. 16. Purchase cleaning supplies required to perform the job. 17. Run errands such as buying food and toiletries if required by guests. 18. Report repairs needed inside apartment units to superiors. 19. Prepare rooms for occupancy. 20. Assist guests into their unit upon their arrival. 21. Report repairs needed inside apartment or condominium units to superiors. 22. Report theft and damages to the property.
High School Diploma Required? Yes
Qualification Requirements: High School Graduate or equivalent. Three (3) months experience as Janitors and Cleaners SOC Occupational Title 37-2011. Must be able to drive to run errands, to purchase supplies and drive to work location. Must be able to move, lift, push furniture to clean space underneath. Can operate water blaster, vacuum cleaner and other cleaning or household equipment. Can work in open or confined spaces exposed to heat, cleaning solutions, dust, dirt, insects, under all kinds of weather. Can read, write, add, multiply, subtract and divide. Can follow instructions. Can work weekends, holidays, daytime or evenings. Can see objects at close or far range.
Full or Part Time: Full Time
Hours per Week: 35
Hours per Day: 6
Payment Frequency: bi-weekly
Overtime Available: Yes
Overtime Rate: $11.99 - $11.99
Rate x 1.5 per hour Exempted: No
Specify All Payroll Deductions: All mandatory CNMI taxes ( CH2 & CH7) anf mandatory Federal taxes (FICA & MEDICARE).
Required tools, supplies and Equipment to be provided: Employer-Provided Tools and Equipment: Workers will be provided, without charge or deposit charge, all tools, supplies, and equipment required to perform the duties assigned. Three-Fourths Guarantee: Workers will be offered employment for a total number of work hours equal to at least three-fourths of the workdays of the total period that begins with the first workday after the arrival of the worker at the place of employment or the advertised first date of need, whichever is later, and ends on the expiration date specified in the work contract or in its extensions, if any. Board, Lodging, or other facilities: Workers will be provided, with board, lodging, or other facilities AND/OR the employer will assist workers in securing board, lodging, or other facilities. Daily Transportation: Workers will be provided with daily transportation to and from the worksite in compliance with all applicable Federal and Commonwealth laws and regulations. Transportation and Subsistence: Inbound transportation and subsistence costs from point of origin of Employee will be paid by Employer, if the Employee will complete 50 percent of the work contract. Outbound transportation and subsistence costs will be paid by Employer if the Employee completes the work period covered by the work contract or where the worker is dismissed earlier. See: U.S. Labor ETA 20CFR 655.423(j)(1).
Anticipated starting date of employment: 10/1/2023
Anticipated closing date of employment: 9/30/2024
Housing Provided: No
Food Provided: No
Transportation required: No
If transportation is required, daily transportation to and from the worksite(s) will be provided to the workers. Daily pick-up place(s) will be at: Employer will provide daily transportation from and to work location.
Fringe Benefits: NONE. Employer will provide Workers compensation to Employee in accordance to CNMI Laws.
Comments: Above is a temporary full-time job position at Atom’s Co., Ltd. Interested applicants must submit their completed job application form to Atom’s Co., Ltd Office Gill Blas Building 1F located at #10443 Adetfa St. Garapan Saipan MP 96950 or email their resume to no later than the closing date shown above or contact us at: Tel No. (670) 233-8880 or Fax No. (670-233-8881). Office hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Applicants may also submit their job application to CNMI Labor Job Placement Division and CNMI Labor Officers will notify Atoms Co Ltd about the job application