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Job Vacancy Announcement Detail

Employer: Burger & Comer, P.C.
DBA: Burger & Comer, P.C.
Address: P.O. Box 504053
Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
96950 United States
Phone: 670-235-8722
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Job Vacancy Announcement JVA
JVA Type: New
Island Saipan
FLSA Covered? Yes, covered
DOD related? No
PERM related? * Yes
VEVRAA related? No
Original Number of Openings: 1
Number of Openings Currently Available 1
Specific Worksite location: Suite 203, MHII Building, Mariana Heights, Business Park, Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Job Classification: Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Announcement Number: 19-11-81310
Job Classification: Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Opening Date: 11/2/2019
Closing Date: 12/2/2019
Salary Range: $55224 to $55224 / Annually
Job Duties: Examines and analyzes accounting records to determine financial status of establishments; Reviews data regarding material assets, net worth, liabilities, capital stock, surplus, income, and expenditures; Inspects items in books of original entry to determine if accepted accounting procedures were followed in recording transactions; Counts cash on hand, inspects notes receivables and payables, negotiable securities, canceled checks; Verifies journal and ledger entries of cash and check payments, purchases,expenses, and trial balances by examining and authenticating inventory items and price testing; Evaluates results of audit procedures performed and determines the appropriate courses of action in response to audit issues and potential findings; Prepares report for management concerning scope of audits, financial conditions found and source and application of funds; May take recommendations regarding improving operations and financial positions of company; May supervise and coordinate activities of auditors specializing in specific operations of establishments undergoing audit; and Prepare audited financial statements.
High School Diploma Required? Yes
Qualification Requirements: With a college degree in Accounting and at least 5 years of relevant work experience in auditing works.
Full or Part Time: Full Time
Hours per Week: 40
Hours per Day: 8
Payment Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Overtime Available: Yes
Overtime Rate: $1.5 - $1.5
Rate x 1.5 per hour Exempted: No
Specify All Payroll Deductions: CNMI AND FEDERAL TAXES
Required tools, supplies and Equipment to be provided: NONE
Anticipated starting date of employment: 10/1/1900
Anticipated closing date of employment: 10/1/1900
Housing Provided: No
Food Provided: No
Transportation required: No
If transportation is required, daily transportation to and from the worksite(s) will be provided to the workers. Daily pick-up place(s) will be at: N/A
Comments: PLEASE SEND RESUME TO: BURGER & COMER, P.C. Office Address: Suite 203, MHII Building, Marina Heights, Business Park, Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 504053 Saipan, MP 96950