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Job Vacancy Announcement Detail

Employer: FPA Pacific Corp.
DBA: FPA Pacific Corp.
Address: P.O. Box 520010
Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands
96952 United States
Phone: 670-433-0422
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Job Vacancy Announcement JVA
JVA Type: New
Island Tinian
FLSA Covered? Yes, covered
DOD related? No
PERM related? * No
VEVRAA related? No
Original Number of Openings: 4
Number of Openings Currently Available 4
Specific Worksite location: Grand St. San Jose Village Tinian, MP 96952
Job Classification: Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Job Title: Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics
Announcement Number: 21-10-92918
Job Classification: Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Opening Date: 10/15/2021
Closing Date: 11/5/2021
Salary Range: $10.15 to $10.15 / Hourly
Job Title: Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics
Job Duties: Diagnose, adjust, repair or overhaul mobile mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, graders, excavators, loaders and conveyors used in construction and surface mining.
High School Diploma Required? No
Qualification Requirements: Must have minimum of 24 months work experience as Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic. Must have troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. Must have mechanical ability and pay close attention to details.
Full or Part Time: Full Time
Hours per Week: 40
Hours per Day: 8
Payment Frequency: Weekly
Overtime Available: Yes
Overtime Rate: $15.23 - $15.23
Rate x 1.5 per hour Exempted: No
Specify All Payroll Deductions: Federal and Local Taxes, 50% Health Insurance Premium.
Required tools, supplies and Equipment to be provided: The employer will provide daily transportation to and from the work site.
Anticipated starting date of employment: 1/1/2022
Anticipated closing date of employment: 12/31/2022
Housing Provided: Yes
Food Provided: No
Transportation required: No
If transportation is required, daily transportation to and from the worksite(s) will be provided to the workers. Daily pick-up place(s) will be at: The employer will provide daily transportation to and from the work site.
Fringe Benefits: 80 hours paid vacation leave, 40 hours paid sick leave and workers compensation insurance provided.
Comments: FPA Pacific Corp is looking to fill Four (4) Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic position in Tinian, CNMI. This is a Temporary, Full-time position. Work will be performed at Grand Street San Jose Village Tinian, CNMI. Employment starts from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. Rate offered is $10.15 per hour. Overtime will be paid at a rate of 1.5 times base hourly rate. Work schedule is from Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm. All tools, supplies and equipment required for the job will be provided by the employer. The employer will also provide daily transportation to and from the job site. The employer will provide transportation from the place of origin to the place of work. Upon completion of the work contract, the employer will provide reasonable costs of return transportation to the place of origin except where the worker will not return due to subsequent employment with another employer. The employer will not provide food, board and lodging. Three-Fourths Guarantee: The employer guarantees to offer work for hours equal to at least three-fourths of the workdays in each 12 week period of the total employment period. The employer will use a single workweek as its standard for computing wages due. Workers will be paid weekly by check. Federal taxes, local taxes and 50% health insurance premium will be deducted from the workers paycheck. Applicants may submit their applications, resume and other credentials at FPA Pacific Corp's office located at Grand Street San Jose Village Tinian, CNMI from Mondays thru Fridays from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Contact number is (670) 433-0422. Applicants may also send their applications via email at